Studio TTT

A week ago I posted about the new studio I am putting together. It has been a gigantic job but on Friday I finished taking all my art and writing supplies from our house in García Ginerés to our college in El Centro. All my paints, canvases, brushes, pencils and easels are set up at one end of the 5m X 9 m space; and my full book shelves and the computer table are at the other. My music knows no boundary of course, and it floats all around. I am sure I will be switching my belongings from one place to another… until it “works…” but at least everything is in one place.

It will be fun to be creating in downtown where there is so much going on. And I am sure that TTT’s students will offer a lot of inspiration to both my painting and my writing.

Someone asked me how I decide what I’ll do each day… (To paint or to write, that is the question) Oddly enough it never flummoxes me. I find that each form of artistic expression stimulates the others.

I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of my new digs…

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18 thoughts on “Studio TTT”

  1. Joanna, I’m happy for you that you’re honoring your creative outlets. You’ve given “Create Space” a new meaning and who knows how the muses will conjoin now that you’ve give them and yourself the freedom to do so. Congratulations!

  2. Joanna- congratulations on the new space for creativity!! I can only imagine how it will enhance your already existing sharp talents! Cheers to being downtown-
    Michael & Robert from Villa Verde Merida

  3. It will be like a salon where friends and inspiration come calling…leaving their calling cards on a Limoge dish in the foyer. Enjoy! It’s a wonderful idea!

  4. Enjoy your new found space. You never think you have much stuff until you move. It is the reverse of the theory that washing machines and dryers eat socks: Whereas the socks seem to grow less and less with each laundry, the belongings seem to divide into pairs and multiply once a move is contemplated and planned.

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