Thank you…

A year and a half ago, my blog crashed and I had to start up all over again. For several months people complained they couldn’t find my new site, but eventually the regular readers re-subscribed and things got back to normal.

And yesterday, my new site’s stats reached the 100,000 mark, which means that about 200 people click on my site each day… There are blogs that have 1,000s of daily readers, but to have such a large following requires more ability and consistency than I can manage.

Nonetheless, I am planning to invest a bit of extra time in the redesign and focus of Writing From Merida.

This means my blog will be down for a few days. But before this happens, today I’d like to know what kind of posts you enjoy reading.

Quite often, I write about:

Places of interest in and around Merida

The activities of the city’s diverse international community

My travels, my family and what is important to us

Merida’s lifestyle, customs and culture

On occasion, I comment on:

Current concerns in our community and country

Issues I find worrying

Wading through cross-cultural waters

And I also like to include news about:

Writing, art, music (mine and that of others)

Community Service

Spirituality (not religion)

Is there any other topic you’d like to read about on my blog?

Anyway… if you don’t see Writing From Merida for a few days, don’t be distressed. I’ll be back soon… with bells on.


22 thoughts on “Thank you…”

      1. I don’t think you’ll lose anyone. I lost my readers because my site completely crashed… that’s different than moving it. If you like, I can send you the name and contacts of the person who is helping me accomplish my “re-tooling.” She’s very good and reasonably priced and she works with clients all over the globe… or maybe you’ll just have to come to Merida to work with her in person. You know how welcome you are.

  1. Congratulations, Joanna! Best wishes on your new studio and your new plans for your blog. I really like the varied topics that keep us in touch with you… and the many facets of life and culture of the Yucatan.

  2. Joanna, it is a pleasure to read your blog. The only things I don’t want to read about are politics and religion. I am happy to get a larger sense of the political mood in Mexico, but nothing that will devolve into a diatribe against any particular political party. I guess that means that writing about politics is okay, but writing about Politics is not. Does that make sense? And reading about religious practices in Mexico is fine, especially since I am not Catholic, it helps me understand the holidays and saints. Again, nothing that is going to devolve into religious bashing or proselytizing.

  3. I’m most interested in “learning Spanish”, AND any related themes on language.

    I don’t quite agree with those who say that Spanish is an easier language to learn. There are so many, MANY variables to both the language learning, and the language development as well. I just watched a TED.com offering on the death of languages, which should give one a better view of the breadth of the subject. (I hope this link turns out to be “clickable”–I’m never when I post it.)

    1. I applaud your tenaciousness with learning Spanish Alinde. You are also the type of learner who seeks to understand why the language is used the way it is used and you find the underlying cultural references. I would like to work with a whole classroom of students like you! I look forward to seeing you very soon.

  4. I have enjoyed all the topics you write about especially the ones re life in Merida and getting into the swing of the language and culture.

    1. That’s good Sharon… I try to offer new residents in Merida a perspective different from their own. I know that when I first came to live here, I would have liked to have someone who would explain things to me… You seem to be having a great time. Good for you! Attitude is everything, isn’t it Sharon?

  5. Even though I rarely respond, I find your writing a relief and a joy. Just wanted to stop in and thank you for sharing, most of all, your kind attitude and great writing as well. I’m happy to be one (or two hundred!) of your 100,000 visits!

    If you are looking for commentary on “favorites.” it would have to be culture, history, and local customs. But it’s ALL good. Thank you again!

    1. What a lovely comment. I like writing and people and sharing my stories… I’m happy that you enjoy my blog. The posts about local attractions are the hardest to write because I don’t seem to find enough time to get out and visit the places. Writing about local customs and the culture is something I plan to do more of. I met today with the person who is helping me to redesign and structure my blog. I hope you’ll be happy with the changes… coming soon.

  6. I’m pretty much enjoying whatever you write, though I have to confess a special fondness for the cross-cultural posts. I especially enjoyed the link to “Fitting In,” and it seemed to resonate with readers, judging by the quality and quantity of comments.

    I’m sorry you have to be down. I wish you the best for a smooth transition.


    Kim G
    Boston, Ma
    Where we really should get cracking on our second San Luis Potosí post.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Cross cultural or intercultural writing is what I like to do. I am very excited about my new blog site. The designer is using a “magazine format.” I think it will look great and be easy to navigate. Blogging is an amazing medium and it has become so sophisticated.

      Yes please write the second post about San Luis. I enjoy your writing.

  7. Dear Joanna,
    I really enjoy your blog and, honestly, you should write about what you like, about what has you “on fire”. I enjoy your blog particularity because of the wide varíety of interests that you have and write about. I enjoy your passion and love for life, family, friends and, of course, for Mérida in particular and México in general. Write about what you enjoy, about what concerns you and we will follow… and happily so! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Truly wonderful!

    1. Thank you José. I write about what interests and concerns me; it is everyone’s prerogative to read it or not. But I find that many people respond positively to my writing and it pleases me to know how many good people we have in this world. So much of what the media features is negative but I think its important to also report what’s wonderful and in particular, about life in Mexico. I enjoy your comments… they always make me smile.

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