Two weeks down (sniff-sniff) And one more to come (yeah!)

Today is the longest day of the year here in Holland and at a latitude of 52 degrees north, it is light out until 11:00 pm… and  the sun shines again at 5:00 am.

This morning I awoke before everyone else in the house. Mr. Sun had just risen and the sky was streaked with Delft blue and lavender. We had rain in the night, and so the air felt clear and fresh. No way could I stay in bed!

I’ve had meetings and interviews every day this past week, but there has still been time for lots of socializing and sightseeing. I’m going to fall back on the “a picture paints a thousand words” adage, and let my photographs continue with more highlights from Holland.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4 thoughts on “Two weeks down (sniff-sniff) And one more to come (yeah!)”

    1. Thank you Shannon. I bought a new camera before this trip.A Nikon Coolpix L820. While it isn’t quite as portable as my old Sony point & shoot, the pictures I get are far better. I like photography, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to take photos like the ones on your last blog post. They are really wonderful.

      1. Thank you Joanna, I wish I could take credit, but I have become very lazy being married to a wonderful photographer and rarely use my own pictures these days. Todd’s are just so much better than mine, lol.

      2. It is wonderful to have a good photographer in the family. You have Todd, I have my son, Carlos. But I must say, my new camera has sure helped my shots. I’m happy…

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