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My eyes popped open this morning at 3:00 am, and although my body still feels dog-tired, my brain thinks I should rouse myself and get on with the day. The seven hour time difference between Mexico and Holland has yet to sync itself – so I guess this will be another day of jetlag.

I traveled on a CCC (a cheap, cramped charter) flight from Cancun to Amsterdam return, and I am sorry to say that my days of sitting for 11 ½ hours, with my knees bumping up against the seat in front of me have gone the same way as tenting holidays – I am too long-in-the-tooth for either. And if I felt sore at the end of the ordeal, the 6 foot 3 Dutch guy sitting beside me was in agony by the time we finally creaked our way out of the plane.

But no matter! Memories of my three weeks in Holland are still swirling around in my mind – making me smile and feel extremely grateful – for the opportunities this the trip brought to me.

My final week was as full of serendipitous surprises as the first two.

On a final day in Amsterdam, I took my friend Hanneke to see the house where my grandfather was born. The family moved away in about 1925, and on past visits to the city, I’ve seen the building closed up, with a “For Sale” sign tacked to the wall. But this time, the doors at Herengracht 280 stood wide open, and builders were running in and out. I introduced myself and learned the house has been sold to an investor who is renovating the space to lease as offices. Nonetheless, the new owners want to conserve as many of the original appointments as possible.

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We also spent an afternoon in Naarden, a town that dates back to medieval times. It was a walled city with dunes – built in a star-shape – to fortify the town. Moats encircled the place to further protect it from attack.

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And now, it will be back to the computer for me. This fall, I hope to finish writing my book about Aunt Gisele, with publication slated for the first half of 2015… Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Jetlag”

  1. Welcome home Joanna! We kept our eyes open in Amsterdam in the off chance that we would run into you, but to no avail. (We were there 24-28 June). It was my 3rd time in Holland and it continues to charm. It is an eminently civilized country.

    How very special that you could see your family home. It must have been a treat for the contractor to have a family member come to see it now.

    Last night I took a night time cold medication to knock me out so that I could sleep through the night. Finally. Let’s hope both you and we are over the jet lag now.

    1. We should have coordinated better. I would have loved to run into you in Amsterdam.

      The jetlag is better than it was. Last night I slept pretty well. My “medication” was a glass of wine.

      I hope to see you soon!

  2. Sorry about the jetlag, unfortunately it is part of the travel package. It must have been a wonderful experience though and the pictures with your new camera are fabulous. It must also be good to be back with Jorge.

    1. The jetlag is now behind me and I am happily back into my regular routine… more or less. The writing goes well and I look so forward to sharing it with you next year in San Miguel. Are you going to sign up for the writers’ conference?

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