Summertime in Yucatan

The weather has been hot and humid, so I try to avoid going too far away from my comfortably cool house and pool during the day time.

But there are exceptions. On Saturday mornings, Jorge and I like going to the Slow Food market to pick up fresh greens, delicious bread and other goodies. The market is held on a side street – just off the corner of Avenida Colón and Avenida Reforma – you’ll see a sign on that corner to show you exactly where you need to go. The hours are 9:00 ‘til noon.

Another favorite spot is the Bistro Cutural, a wonderfully tasty maricarmen 3French eatery on the corner of Calles 66 and 43. Among their traditional offerings are coq monsieur at breakfast time and rich French onion soup for lunch. Try this place, I know you’ll love it.

If there hasn’t been a huge rain storm in the afternoon, we enjoy a walk around our García Ginerés neighborhood. We often pass by the Parque de las Americas, on the corner of Avenida Colón and Calle 20.There are always vendors with young families crowded ‘round – eating chilly ice-cream, fruity raspados or savory marquesitas – fun people watching!

maricarmen 2Saturday evening  at Amaros

On Friday or Saturday night, Jorge and I quite often end up in downtown Merida for a drink and a light meal at Amaros. If you haven’t been this delightful outdoor spot, do give it a try – I am sure you’ll be glad you did.

And if you are at the beach, how about going to Quinta Progreso to hear Maricarmen Pérez tonight? Beach breeze, frozen margaritas – a soft strumming guitar, and a sultry voice – sure makes for a lovely night.

The recent sorrow our family has experienced has made me see – more clearly than ever – that life is to be enjoyed. And I also feel that – whenever we can – we should support the local business and artists in the Yucatecan communities we call home.

17 thoughts on “Summertime in Yucatan”

  1. Fun to see you both at Amaros – it’s always a good evening there. Of course, I’ve only been in the winter!

    1. We have to keep going. It won’t do anyone any good if we allow ourselves to act as sad as we feel. We sat in the plaza this evening, and we talked about Lupita, but at least we got out of the house…

  2. I have dined at Amaros several times and always enjoyed it. Even through summer in Merida is hot and humid, must say wish it was warmer here. This July in Toronto not very nice as it has been cool, rainy and little sunshine. On the positive side, the cooler nights make it good for sleeping.

      1. July in TO has been crazy weatherwise this year. Today was one of the few gorgeous days we have enjoyed and tomorrow is supposed to be 30C. Have to agree the weather has gone absolutely this year. Got my ticket for Merida and fares higher with WS to CUN due to higher fuel prices (no surprise) and after the terrible winter of last year people don´t want to relive that experience and are taking no chances on last minute fares by booking early.

  3. Today was gorgeous weatherwise. People complain about the heat but not yours truly. Guess the Merida heat of May has acclimatized me. Looking forward to returning to Merida late November.

  4. Hola Joanna!

    I guess you are acclimated (at least as much as one can be) to the climate in Mérida. Though I’ve lived in Houston, which has a very similar climate, everything there is air conditioned to 70°, which makes it more bearable. Though it’s arguable whether it helps people adapt. Still, I think I’d have a very hard time spending a summer there, particularly after so many years in chilly Boston.

    I’m glad you and Jorge are getting out and moving forward. That’s what Lupita would have wanted.

    My thoughts are with you.


    Kim G
    Guadalajara, Jalisco
    Where our reaction to the warm weather really proves our heat-wimpishness, LOL.

      1. 43°C is INSANE! Why in God’s name were you out walking around in such temperatures? You MUST take better care of yourself. Don’t go walking around in 43° heat. Sheesh!!!

  5. Wow!!! 43C degrees. That must have been ghastly. Much as I like beautiful fairly hot summer days have to admit that is waaaay too much.

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